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    2. Intro Video

    3. Optional Feedback - Intro (beta)

    4. Resource Packet: Intro

    1. What to expect in Seed to Sip: What is Coffee?

    2. Seed to Sip Teaching

    3. Optional Feedback: Seed to Sip (beta)

    4. Resource Packet: Seed to Sip

    1. What to Expect in 7 Pieces of Equipment

    2. 7 Pieces of Equipment Teaching

    3. Packet: 7 Pieces of Equipment

    4. Optional Feedback: 7 Pieces (beta)

    1. What to expect in 8 Variables of Brewing

    2. 8 Variables Of Brewing P1: Quality

    3. 8 Variables of Brewing P2 - Ratio and Grind Size

    4. 8 Variables of Brewing P3: 3 Keys to Brewing

    5. Optional Feedback: 8 Variables (beta)

    6. Resource Packet: 8 Variables of Brewing

    7. Resource Guide 2: Joe Brew Guide

    1. What to Expect in Taste, Flavor, and Aroma

    2. Taste, Flavor, and Aroma Teaching

    3. Preview Feedback: Who Are You, and How Valuable was This?

    4. Resource Packet: Taste, Flavor, And Aroma

    5. Printable: Joe Brewski Flavor Wheel

    1. What to expect in Extraction

    2. Extraction Teaching

    3. Packet: Extraction

    4. Optional Feedback: Extraction (beta)

About the CYC Course

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  • How will I add team members if I subscribe to the shop package?

    The shop package includes unlimited team members. To add team members, reach out to us and we will help you add them! You will be able to unsubscribe members once they have achieved the course and subscribe new members as you desire to train others.

  • What's included in the free preview?

    The free preview includes the entire Taste, Flavor, and Aroma module. No pun intended, it's a taste of the full course.

  • How will I find out about updates and additional material?

    With each update (all the big ones and all the small ones, which will be frequent), we will place a post in the community page that you will have access to. For the bigger updates, we'll also send an email your way!

  • Is this just for cafe owners, or can a hobbyist or barista take this course?

    This course is indeed designed for cafe owners, managers, and barista trainers -- BUT. While you will notice that it is catered to that audience, the majority of the content is centered on coffee quality, meaning that any individual interested in coffee could take the course and benefit greatly, which is why we included an individual option!